Sophie's World

I'm shame to say that it's not the popular one but seems a deliberately fake one, a children's book.

It's all because I was fatigue and downloaded a fake book and then I sent it to my kindle.I knew nothing about it ever before except it was popular and it was a philosophical fiction. Coincidentally,this novel's heroine is also called Sophie(I doubt the publisher was deliberate).Anyhow,it's the first English novel I have read completely so I'd like to write something about it.

It tells a campus story about a girl called Sophie who often daydreams that her name is Anoitte(I have forgotten how to spell it but it's a female french name) and she was tasked with saving the general Lafayette.Her weird actions and daydreams in school baffled her teachers and her parents and incurred taunts from a group named "Corp pop",short of "Corp popular".Then when she was again lost in her dreams during a group travel and finally got lost,her parents decided to sent her to a psychologist,a devout christian.He won her trust and with his help,she learned how to get along with her friends.In the end of this book,it described a "fight" between "Corp Weird" and "Corp Pop" and not surprisingly Sophie defeated them and saved her friends.

It's a absolute children's book and maybe a propaganda of christian.No matter what,it's no business with philosophy ,which depressed me when I found it.Maybe it could be attractive to girls aged less than 14,but for me it's a little naive and not nutritious.It's all from my negligence and I won't make such things happen again.

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